The Co-op Life


Participating at Family Coop Camp
Participating at the Family Cooperative Camp will be a unique opportunity to learn new strategies for working with children. We build on this hands-on foundation with monthly parent education meetings and weekly journal prompts. Our goal is to train you to understand how children’s brains are developing through their play and to support this development as best you can.

For parents who want to dive this deep into their child’s development, it is a hugely rewarding experience. You will learn to step back and see your child’s behavior in the context of each stage, giving you a better understanding of his or her motivations. You will learn how to speak to your child and react to behaviors in ways that support development and the emerging sense of self.

Family Job
The Family Cooperative Camp is a co-operatively run organization. Each family takes on a vital job. A family job requires anywhere from 1-2 hours per week. Examples of family jobs include weekly laundry, purchasing supplies for the classrooms, gardening, fundraising, and serving on our Advisory Board.

Work Parties
Every fall, spring, and summer, camp parents gather on a Saturday to apply a little elbow grease to our space. Each family contributes 3 hours of time. Work parties work help with installing a sensory garden, replacing sand and woodchips, painting rooms, installing a tire swing, and adding a play structure.

Monthly Meetings
Parents and staff gather on the second Monday of each month from 7-9pm. During the meetings, we make decisions about camp policy and inform each other of any upcoming events or changes. The main purpose of the meeting is parent education and community building.